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You have to laugh when you read these exchanges.

As we are driving in the car and I reach over to enjoy a sip of sparkling water, Queenie states,


It’s her way of saying acqua (water) in Italian.

I don’t feel like unbuckling my seatbelt to hand the water back to her and I suspect a mess will ensue so I retort, “You don’t need acqua now, Queenie.”

Pause in conversation. I sip and then hear,

Why, Mommy, why?

Sparkling water nearly spritzed everywhere. Is it normal for a 22 1/2 month old to question like that?


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Today we were discussing the virtue of goodness and obeying with Wonderboy. We pointed out that when he is by himself with Mommy or Daddy or both of us together, he generally obeys and is well behaved. However, I went on to clarify and make him aware, when he is with his sister, he is far from well behaved and listening is poor etc. 

“Why is this?” I interrogate. 

I try to delve deeper.

“Huh, how come when Queenie is around it’s different?” I press.

That’s the way the whirl-lud (world) works! he counters.

A Perfect Mother would not be raising such an impertinent young man.

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Rudimentary HopscotchWe remembered the sidewalk chalk this weekend and we’ve have had some fun using it. Yesterday I recalled a fond childhood past time of mine, playing hopscotch. So, I drew a hopscotch play area. Wonderboy watched as I created this and then proceeded to explain the basics of hopscotch.

He loved it.

He loved jumping around from number to number and playing with mommy. I was able to capture some great motion/action pics of the Wonderboy as he jumped gleefully. When we revisited our hopscotch area today, I noticed there was already a huge improvement and progress with his ability to jump and place his feet. It’s amazing how much children learn through play, meaningful play, that is, for all my teacher friends.

Hopscotcher in Action!A Perfect Mother would be able to draw the hopscotch itself to near perfection. Mine needs work. I was also out of breath from being bent over and moving and drawing. A Perfect Mother would be in perfect shape. Shucks….


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I am not a huge fan of Mother’s Day. I don’t like the commercial aspect of it. Wonderboy asked,

Why we have Mother’s Day?

as his voice raised at the end of his poorly formed question.

I explaind to him that it was a special day to help people remember to say thank you to their mothers for everything they do and for giving one life. I also added protocol for when he was older…..just covering my bases and providing expectations now so he can feel guilty……more sighs……

Anyhow, WH, Wonderboy and Queenie managed to cover commercialism with some respects. But, I am pleased to say that we at least supported the local greenhouse industry. Below are the gorgeous flowers I was presented by the loves of my life. Tulips are my fave.


Small Euro PlanterTulipsA Perfect Mother would expect Mother’s Day gifts and then freeze dry them for perpetualness.

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DSC01390DSC01391We bought a really (REALLY) great camera last November. For the longest time I simply did no use it. I finally got the nerve to touch it and now I really want to become more acquainted with it. But, it’s a technical tool and I am just overwhelmed by it. So, I’ve been trying to fiddle it with it and these latest posted pics are some of the results. I took these two in our garden with the macro setting. Still needs work.

I want to learn how to use this tool now; now that we have young children. I don’t want to take a workshop when I am older and retired. I want to capture my children’s great moments now. Why is it that now, (when our kids are young) and we need this knowledge, we are too busy with them to learn to use a tool? 

A Perfect Mother would be intelligent enough to figure out this contraption on her own, without a workshop or community college course. Like a big girl………

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Super Sweet Butternut SquashHaddockPost BakeFries

Too bad my mother is not computer literate. She would like to see evidence that I am cooking and that I can cook, albeit, not like her.


Baked Butternut Squash

cut squash into cubes

toss with olive oil, kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper

spread evenly in one layer on tray (I love using my stone cookie sheet from Pampered Chef)

cook on 350° until soft and tender


Baked Pollock

1 1/2 lbs. pollock
3/4 c. sour cream
1/2 c. Parmiggiano cheese
1/4 c. melted butter
1/2 tsp. salt
1/8 tsp. pepper

Place 1 1/2 pollock fillets in greased baking dish. Spread on fillets the mixture of sour cream, Parmiggiano cheese, melted butter, salt and pepper. Bake uncovered 30 minutes at 35°  degrees.

Fries-store bought, frozen kind.

A Perfect Mother would have also hand cut her own fresh, french fried potatoes!

They’re lucky I cooked dinner at all!





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This is Wonderful Husband (WH) and Queenie in our orchard. I love the contrast. 

Lately we have been trying to figure out a way to keep the children little forever.

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