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You have to laugh when you read these exchanges.

As we are driving in the car and I reach over to enjoy a sip of sparkling water, Queenie states,


It’s her way of saying acqua (water) in Italian.

I don’t feel like unbuckling my seatbelt to hand the water back to her and I suspect a mess will ensue so I retort, “You don’t need acqua now, Queenie.”

Pause in conversation. I sip and then hear,

Why, Mommy, why?

Sparkling water nearly spritzed everywhere. Is it normal for a 22 1/2 month old to question like that?


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Today we were discussing the virtue of goodness and obeying with Wonderboy. We pointed out that when he is by himself with Mommy or Daddy or both of us together, he generally obeys and is well behaved. However, I went on to clarify and make him aware, when he is with his sister, he is far from well behaved and listening is poor etc. 

“Why is this?” I interrogate. 

I try to delve deeper.

“Huh, how come when Queenie is around it’s different?” I press.

That’s the way the whirl-lud (world) works! he counters.

A Perfect Mother would not be raising such an impertinent young man.

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Rudimentary HopscotchWe remembered the sidewalk chalk this weekend and we’ve have had some fun using it. Yesterday I recalled a fond childhood past time of mine, playing hopscotch. So, I drew a hopscotch play area. Wonderboy watched as I created this and then proceeded to explain the basics of hopscotch.

He loved it.

He loved jumping around from number to number and playing with mommy. I was able to capture some great motion/action pics of the Wonderboy as he jumped gleefully. When we revisited our hopscotch area today, I noticed there was already a huge improvement and progress with his ability to jump and place his feet. It’s amazing how much children learn through play, meaningful play, that is, for all my teacher friends.

Hopscotcher in Action!A Perfect Mother would be able to draw the hopscotch itself to near perfection. Mine needs work. I was also out of breath from being bent over and moving and drawing. A Perfect Mother would be in perfect shape. Shucks….


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It looked something like this, but worse. Can you imagine this bright, classic red, to be exact, smattered all over the store floor, his pants, his good Geox shoe, my leg, skin, new shoes, toes and over my pedicure? That is exactly what Wonderboy did today. It was an accident, but he had been told not to touch the damn lovely bottles all prettily displayed and ever so enticing. And 

Look, Mommy If you take one out the next one just comes down…..”

Yes, and down it came. With a crash!

It looked just like a murder scene. Need I say more?

A Perfect Mother would of course, have never let this happen because her Perfect Boy would obey. An even more Perfect Mother would have had emergency nail polish remover at the ready. If only, I were perfect!

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 Easter Eggs

Easter Eggs

 Here they are, our Easter eggs. Wonderboy and I dyed them and Queenie assisted with the decorating. They are sprinkled with sand in random designs. They were thrilled to be decorating them. I was equally thrilled! I was so impressed with both of their ability to remain focused and on task and oh so very interested with this activity. I must confess, I had my trepidations about Queenie dabbling with this but I couldn’t resist her pleas and her pretty pointing finger (at the great stuff on the table!) and that she climbed into her high chair and waited and watched ever so patiently.  Precious beyond measure. 

Next year, I vow to dye the eggs so they remain edible. I had to explain over and over to Wonderboy that the package said we could not eat the eggs after they were dyed.  We kept the eggs in the fridge well past Easter. They both enjoyed crunching the eggs into the organics bin when we were ready to part with them. Shame really, that they went to waste. Live and learn.

May the renewal of Easter stay with you long after the day itself!

A Perfect Mother would have posted these at the appropriate time of the year…..

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It’s wonderfully rainy here today. In our house, we love rainy days. They make the house feel that much cozier. We just love and welcome the rain. Today, as I was buckling Wonderboy in his five-point harness car seat, he looked at me and asked:

Why can’t we see God?

A perfect question for a rainy day!

I explained that God is something we believe with our hearts. God is like the wind. We can’t see the wind, but we know the wind is there because it stirs the leaves or cools us off or blows our hair. We can see all those things moving, but we can’t really see the wind.

A Perfect Mother would have also quoted scripture!

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Boss Girl

Boss Girl

We  are presently being entertained by Queenie, who happens to be  in the very early stages of what I predict to be, some highly memorable moments, of her terrible twos. I certainly do believe they exist and for us, terrible twos begin at about 18 months.


She is full of fiest [sound like anyone you may know?].She is a colourful, vibrant, dramatic, challenging, appealing, zestful, precious, beautiful, amazing little girl; a true combination of her father and I.

Beofre bedtime last night Daddy brought her back into Wonderboy’s room for one last good night and after some private coaching from daddy, this is what she already knows…

Daddy: Queenie, who’s the boss?

Queenie: ME!

Well, isn’t that something?

A Perfect Mother wouldn’t be raising a bossy, spirited, full of feist little girl. A Perfect Mother would, of course, have a Perfect Daughter who obeyed.

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