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I am not a huge fan of Mother’s Day. I don’t like the commercial aspect of it. Wonderboy asked,

Why we have Mother’s Day?

as his voice raised at the end of his poorly formed question.

I explaind to him that it was a special day to help people remember to say thank you to their mothers for everything they do and for giving one life. I also added protocol for when he was older…..just covering my bases and providing expectations now so he can feel guilty……more sighs……

Anyhow, WH, Wonderboy and Queenie managed to cover commercialism with some respects. But, I am pleased to say that we at least supported the local greenhouse industry. Below are the gorgeous flowers I was presented by the loves of my life. Tulips are my fave.


Small Euro PlanterTulipsA Perfect Mother would expect Mother’s Day gifts and then freeze dry them for perpetualness.


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This is Wonderful Husband (WH) and Queenie in our orchard. I love the contrast. 

Lately we have been trying to figure out a way to keep the children little forever.

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Our Paradise


Welcome spring! You are a most desired visitor. Please stay for as long as you may.

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Does this post need an explanation? Look at Queenie-a pure delight and joy. A superstar! 

A Perfect Mother would enter these in a baby contest and win in two categories:

1) cute baby

2) camera skill

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I always wonder this:

Why did I have children to let someone else raise them while I, in turn, go out and raise someone else’s?

A Perfect Mother would stay home to raise her beloved children, right?

A Perfect Mother would do lots of perfect things. So, it’s a pleasure to have you join me on my journey through motherhood, doing of course, all the perfect things. Read and find out for yourself.

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