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Rudimentary HopscotchWe remembered the sidewalk chalk this weekend and we’ve have had some fun using it. Yesterday I recalled a fond childhood past time of mine, playing hopscotch. So, I drew a hopscotch play area. Wonderboy watched as I created this and then proceeded to explain the basics of hopscotch.

He loved it.

He loved jumping around from number to number and playing with mommy. I was able to capture some great motion/action pics of the Wonderboy as he jumped gleefully. When we revisited our hopscotch area today, I noticed there was already a huge improvement and progress with his ability to jump and place his feet. It’s amazing how much children learn through play, meaningful play, that is, for all my teacher friends.

Hopscotcher in Action!A Perfect Mother would be able to draw the hopscotch itself to near perfection. Mine needs work. I was also out of breath from being bent over and moving and drawing. A Perfect Mother would be in perfect shape. Shucks….



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