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Wonderboy and Queenie

Wonderboy and Queenie and Daddy


Dragon Kite

Dragon Kite

On Sunday, we flew the kite. It was our first time. We purchased the kite last spring but never got a chance to use it until now, a year later. Time waits for no one. And so it travels along until you realize it has passed.

Queenie’s favourite part was letting go and watching Daddy or me chase it. Wonderboy enjoyed holding the reel so he could fly it. The best part, aside from the glorious weather, was the ease with which one could fly this lovely dragon kite. What a lovely thing to do on a Sunday afternoon.

A Perfect Mother (in this case parents) would have sailed this kite the day she (they) bought it and continued sailing it on every-sunny-with-slight-wind day after that! Let’s hope for more sunny, kite flying, type of days, shall we?


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